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Studio facial (60mins) £60

Targeted facial (40mins) £45

Micro current facial (60mins) £65

A tiny micro current is used to tone, lift and re-educate muscles back to their original position giving skin a younger looking appearance.

A skin consultation is carried out prior to your facial treatment to ensure the most appropriate products are selected depending on your skin concerns on the day of your treatment.


Swedish: 60mins £60
Deep tissue: 60mins £60

Please consider how you are feeling prior to your massage and what you would like to achieve at the end.

St Tropez

Spray tan: £29
Exfoliate thoroughly leading up until the day before your tanning session. Also ensure any waxing treatment is done one day before.
On the day of your St Tropez treatment do not use any moisturiser.


Eyelash tint £20

Eyebrow tint £10

Eyebrow shape £15
Feel free to bring in pictures of the type of shape you are trying to achieve with your eyebrows.

Strip Wax

Half leg wax £22

Full leg wax £32

Upper leg wax/thigh £28

Full arm wax £24

Chest/back wax £35

Lycon hot wax

Underarm  hot wax £16

Bikini wax £22

G string wax £25

Brazilian wax £40

Hollywood wax £45

Chest/back wax £45

Please do not use any moisturiser on the day of your waxing session.
We use hot wax on the more sensitive areas to ensure your wax is as comfortable and pain free as possible and also not to compromise the condition of the skin.

Hands & feet

Pedicure £45

Manicure £25

Please remove old polish after 2 weeks of application and allow the nails to breath before booking in for your next treatment


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Opening hours

Wednesday and Thursday: 10am to 8pm
Friday: 10am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm
Appointments outside of this time can also be requested

To make an appointment please
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